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Art Santa Fe

by Susan Orth

If you have ever visited or lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you will no doubt agree that, more than any other single feature, art of all shapes, sizes, methods and descriptions is the heart and soul of this beautiful southwestern United States city. And this is saying a lot, since Santa Fe boasts a beautiful natural environment, a rich history and is the state capital of New Mexico.

Yes, there are magnificent mountain ranges dressing up the panoramic scenery of Santa Fe. Yes, there are lovely and picturesque historic churches, shops and restaurants. Yes, there is a vast, seemingly endless desert stretching to the horizon and supplying Santa Fe with breathtaking sunsets and invigorating sunrises. Yes, the climate and accompanying weather is nearly perfect year round. And, of course, there are numerous and varying other aspects, amenities and natural features that also play their individual roles in making Santa Fe the dramatic, one-of-a-kind city that it is. However, for people in Santa Fe and lovers of the city who visit, art is the definitive quality of the city, just as Dixieland music is the definitive quality of New Orleans.

The ART Santa Fe fair is a high-profile celebration and all-encompassing showcase of art, not only from the 240-plus galleries in the Santa Fe area, but also from prestigious, cutting-edge and emerging galleries, artists and dealers from every corner of the globe. It is an international event at which scene-seekers and regular people who love art rub elbows with the glamorous celebrities, the “name” artists and the stratospherically wealthy art collectors.

At the twelfth ART Santa Fe fair, running from July 12 through July 15 is held primarily at the Santa Fe Convention Center; however, the festivities don’t stop there. There is a gala celebration kicking off the event called Vernissage, which is the fancy French term describing the preview ceremony of an art exhibition. And, if you are going to attend the ART Santa Fe fair, you cannot miss its distinctive Art Santa Fe Presents keynote lecture, given by a prominent figure in today’s hip and trendy art scene.

So, if you love art and you love Santa Fe, ART Santa Fe is the place to be beginning on Thursday, July 12!

Santa Fe Winter Fiesta

by Susan Orth

As if you needed another reason to fall in love with Santa Fe, N.M. - beyond its signature, beautiful red clay and adobe architecture and the golden-hued mountains and wilderness that surround New Mexico’s capital – along comes the Second Annual Santa Fe Winter Fiesta.

Have you ever read about a festival or fiesta or some similar event that promised to provide “something for everyone” only to be let down when you see the schedule and can’t find anything that looks like fun to you? Well, if you like to eat and drink (and really, who doesn’t?), or if you are a fan of music or comedy (or both), or if you love to ski, dance or stroll through farmers’ markets, you will not be let down by the cornucopia of entertainment and activities offered at the Santa Fe Winter Fiesta.

Spanning 10 consecutive days, beginning on Friday, January 27 and running through Sunday, February 5, the Santa Fe Winter Fiesta will feature a scavenger hunt amid the pine trees of Santa Fe’s hills and mountains, a big Super Bowl blowout bash, more than 20 local breweries, and music from seven incredible bands.

Those of you interested in hitting the slopes during these 10 days can take advantage of a pretty sweet deal being offered by Ski Santa Fe. Get yourself a Santa Fe Winter Fiesta Adventure Pass for only $10 and the good people at Ski Santa Fe will give you $10 off the price of lift tickets throughout the Santa Fe Winter Fiesta.

But wait, there’s more! If you purchase one of those Santa Fe Winter Fiesta Adventure Passes, you will also receive some incredible discounts on ALL Winter Fiesta events.

All of the featured shows and activities will be held at the Santa Fe Farmers Market Pavilion, which will also play host to the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market (on Sunday, Jan. 29 and Saturday, Feb. 4) and the Railyard Artisans Market (also on Sunday, Jan. 29 and Sunday, Feb. 5).

For a detailed listing of all of the bands, shows and dates, along with their corresponding show times, admission prices and special discounts, visit online at Santa or click on this link to check out the Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website.

Christmas Dinner in Santa Fe

by Susan Orth

Contrary to many of the stereotypes we see every year during the holidays on television and in the movies, not everyone or every family stays home for Christmas dinner. In addition to giving the family chef a rest, here are some other reasons to get out of the house for Christmas dinner:

  • It can be a fun change of pace, especially for those who “always” have Christmas dinner at home
  • Many of the restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day will quite often have special entree and appetizer items, along with special prices on certain meals
  • Popular and trendy restaurants that are often too crowded to be comfortable will likely be significantly less crowded owing to the many others who stayed at home for Christmas dinner

So, if you live in or near the city of Santa Fe, or if you’ll be visiting the area on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and you are thinking about (or need to) go out for dinner, you are in luck.

Some of the city’s best local eateries are open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or both. Listed below are a few of these restaurants, along with a brief description of them and, where applicable, any of the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day specials they may be offering:

Geronimo: Located on the historic Canyon Road in the heart of Santa Fe, Geronimo is an 18-year-old local legend among the city’s eclectic, impressive fine dining restaurants. Geronimo’s website does not specify a particular dish special for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day; however, it is a safe bet that they will offer a traditional turkey dinner with the typical side dishes.

Fuego Restaurant & Wine Bar: Situated within the classy and stylish La Posada de Santa Fe resort and spa, Fuego Restaurant & Wine Bar is an excellent choice for those who want a true escape from the holiday bustle. A world-class wine list, a cozy fireplace setting and inventive cuisine combine to create a relaxed dining experience away from the traditional bells and whistles.

Anasazi: The Anasazi Restaurant is recognized as among the finest culinary destinations in all of New Mexico. The ambience is a seamless blend of elegant fine dining and classic American Southwestern charm. Additionally, Anasazi features special meal deals during much of the holiday season. Check them out at their website:

La Casa Sena and Santacafé: Each of these landmark Santa Fe restaurants not only offers a glimpse into the city’s 400-year history, but they also serve up some great fare on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Santacafé dishes up Christmas Eve dinner from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Christmas Day from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. And you can fill your tummy at La Casa Sena on Christmas Eve from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Christmas Day from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Christmas in Santa Fe & Canyon Road Christmas Eve Walk

by Susan Orth

Farolitos + Fire = Free Fun

At Christmas time, Santa Fe is bathed in a warm, golden light that literally shines with the spirit of the holiday season.  

Residing in a region that can arguably be called the heart and soul of the American Southwest, Santa Fe is one of the area’s signature cities. Its definitive Mexican inspired architecture, culturally rich resident population, and diverse outdoor and indoor entertainment and recreational opportunities are second to none. It’s one of the few cities that are immediately recognizable for anyone who has lived in or visited it.

Along with its natural beauty and Native American heritage, Santa Fe is a city that has developed a kind of mystical, aura about it. This magical sense that exists in Santa Fe is strongly enhanced during the holidays. One of Santa Fe’s signature seasonal events is the Canyon Road Farolito Walk, which takes place on Christmas Eve.

The Canyon Road Farolito Walk – also known as the Farolito Walk and the Christmas Eve in Santa Fe, Canyon Road Farolito Walk – is an incredibly moving and entrancing event.

Small paper bags are filled with sand and small votive candles, and then placed side-to-side along historic Canyon Road. When these candles are lit, the bags are transformed into farolitos (the Spanish word translates to small paper lantern).

On Christmas Eve, people gather in downtown Santa Fe close to the New Mexico State Capitol building. As twilight begins to darken the winter sky, the lighted farolitos provide a calming, resplendent glow for walkers and carolers as they stroll along the golden path.

Many of the businesses along the Canyon Road Farolito Walk route traditionally offer hot cocoa and hot cider to revelers, and there are usually a couple of bonfires along the way for participants to warm up before rejoining the walk or singing some carols.

You do not have to be in Santa Fe on Christmas Eve, however, to be a part of this unique city’s wondrous holiday season celebration. All you have to do is get yourself to Santa Fe’s historic Plaza in its downtown area on any chilly, star-filled night during the weeks between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day.

On these meditative evenings, the adobe shops and restaurants blush with the receding light of the setting sun, and all of the trees in the Plaza come alive with the silvery glow of strung lights. The holiday season is a special time sure to create memories for residents and visitors to Santa Fe.

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