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Santa Fe Food Trucks

by Susan Orth

There has probably been the hunger-inducing aroma of food floating through the air of downtown Santa Fe since the city began in 1712.  Now, more than 300 years later, Santa Fe has developed into a national, if not world-renowned, a cornucopia of delicious diverse food.


Besides multiple high-star restaurants, Santa Fe also hosts multiple food trucks that offer everything from unassuming walk-up fajita carts and burrito stands to fully tricked out trailers and walk-up diners.


A local favorite is Bang Bite Filling Station where most days you see a crowd of people lined up to order and then enjoying their gourmet burgers and fries on the picnic tables under the sun. Owner and operator Chef Enrique Guerrero gave up the stress and expense-laden world of fine dining in 2013.


“In a restaurant I was tied to 70-80 hours a week. Here, if I work 40 hours, I’m working too much. It’s been very fun because by 3 o’clock I’m done,” he says.


Fans of food trucks say they are attracted to smaller, more specialized menu options and often the people surrounding them. “I like being able to take my food to the Plaza and people watch,” said food stand enthusiast Jaime Ortiz, standing next to El Molero Fajitas cart on the Plaza, fajita in hand.


Food stands can be elusive despite the fact that seemingly dozens of vendors line Cerrillos, Airport and adjacent roads.  Below are a couple of links to lists of some favorites.  And, as always, if you are in town, pleased drop by, email or call, we would love to show you the beautiful homes Santa Fe has to offer!


Yelp’s Guide to the Best Trucks with reviews

Visit Santa Fe’s 9 Best Food Trucks




The Margarita Trail

by Susan Orth

The Santa Fe Trail was a 19th-century transportation route through central North America that connected Independence, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico. It served as a vital commercial highway until the introduction of the railroad to Santa Fe in 1880.

It is still a vital trade, adventure and leisure route today.  Many of the things traded have changed and many have stayed the same.  Still of great desire are things like authentic beautiful Native-American jewelry, gold and most important of all: tequila!

When the Spanish Conquistadors docked their ships in the Gulf of Mexico, they brought with them a still. In Mexico, the natives served the Spanish pulque, which is a fermented agave juice.  It was pretty awful tasting, but they used the still to twice distil the pulque that gave birth to tequila, and tequila gave birth to the Margarita!

Santa Fe is celebrating the Margarita with its first annual Margarita Trail that includes more than 31 restaurants and an almost infinite amount of creative Margaritas.  Naturally, some Margaritas will contain local cuisines like green chiles and prickly pear syrup.  Like any interesting travel, The Margarita Trail will require a passport (that will NOT be strictly enforced), to learn more about the  Margarita Trail passport and Santa Fe Tourism, click here. Another great article from the Denver Post is here.

And, as usual, if you are in Santa Fe, please don’t hesitate to come by our centrally-located office, or give us a call or email.  We would love to go to work for you! Susan


Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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