If you have ever visited or lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you will no doubt agree that, more than any other single feature, art of all shapes, sizes, methods and descriptions is the heart and soul of this beautiful southwestern United States city. And this is saying a lot, since Santa Fe boasts a beautiful natural environment, a rich history and is the state capital of New Mexico.

Yes, there are magnificent mountain ranges dressing up the panoramic scenery of Santa Fe. Yes, there are lovely and picturesque historic churches, shops and restaurants. Yes, there is a vast, seemingly endless desert stretching to the horizon and supplying Santa Fe with breathtaking sunsets and invigorating sunrises. Yes, the climate and accompanying weather is nearly perfect year round. And, of course, there are numerous and varying other aspects, amenities and natural features that also play their individual roles in making Santa Fe the dramatic, one-of-a-kind city that it is. However, for people in Santa Fe and lovers of the city who visit, art is the definitive quality of the city, just as Dixieland music is the definitive quality of New Orleans.

The ART Santa Fe fair is a high-profile celebration and all-encompassing showcase of art, not only from the 240-plus galleries in the Santa Fe area, but also from prestigious, cutting-edge and emerging galleries, artists and dealers from every corner of the globe. It is an international event at which scene-seekers and regular people who love art rub elbows with the glamorous celebrities, the “name” artists and the stratospherically wealthy art collectors.

At the twelfth ART Santa Fe fair, running from July 12 through July 15 is held primarily at the Santa Fe Convention Center; however, the festivities don’t stop there. There is a gala celebration kicking off the event called Vernissage, which is the fancy French term describing the preview ceremony of an art exhibition. And, if you are going to attend the ART Santa Fe fair, you cannot miss its distinctive Art Santa Fe Presents keynote lecture, given by a prominent figure in today’s hip and trendy art scene.

So, if you love art and you love Santa Fe, ART Santa Fe is the place to be beginning on Thursday, July 12!