Las Campanas has much to offer as a community.  One of the many qualities that stand out about Las Campanas in addition to its scenic landscape and spectacular golf courses is the food. Every year, rates the top restaurants in America. Here’s some of the top restaurants from that list in Las Campanas.

Arroyo Vino

Arroyo Vino is both a restaurant and wine shop that prides itself on using fresh seasonal ingredients and products. They purchase ingredients from local farmers, as well as grow their own ingredients on-site in the 2-acre garden. The wine shop has an extensive selection of wines from around the world. Reviewers rave that the service is just as outstanding as the food.

Rawal's Raaga

Chef Paddy Rawal brings his authentic Northern Indian cuisine to Las Campanas with Rawal's Raaga. They also offer dishes that incorporate ingredients from the southwest, along with vegetarian options.  You also get to choose your level of spiciness. 

TerraCotta Wine Bistro

This casual food and wine restaurant is located in a 19th century adobe building and offers globally-inspired cuisine, wine and beer.  TerraCotta is moderately priced and features menu items such as salads, paninis and desserts.