When you live in Santa Fe, outdoor Rio Grande White Rock Canyonactivities like hiking and biking are not just something you do on a trip or something you see in a magazine advertisement. These are the everyday activities that make Santa Fe New Mexico such a fantastic place to wake up to every morning.

A couple weeks back, I hiked the Blue Dot Trail down to the Rio Grande River. I went about 800 feet down in one mile. Being that the trail is a virtual rock staircase, I made my way up…slowly.

Here are the stats of the trail:Half Way Down

    •    Distance: 1.1-mile (1.8 km) one way
    •    Elevation: 5,450 to 6,250 feet (1,910 m)
    •    Elevation Change: 800 feet (240 m)
    •    Fitness Level: Strenuous, but short
    •    Seasons: All seasons, except after heavy snow
    •    Trail Surface: Rocky and steep trail

The trailhead begins about 100 yards southwest of the overlook viewing platform. It is accessible from a small parking lot at the end of the last side road branching east off Overlook Road.

On the way to the river, you will come across a large Toreva block bench. This is basically a large piece of land that has moved downhill as a unit.

Midway through the trail, the ground you walk on actually changes from dark salt basaltic rock to light round granite stones.

As the trail nears the Rio Grande River, the trail passes a large spring seeping from rock fragments called Scree. Don't get too excited here - this water is not safe to drink. But it sure does look pretty.

This is such a gorgeous hike. You can't help but be enchanted by its timeless beauty. After all, this is the Land of Enchantment. As my two dogs Rubi and Chaco (it was Chaco's 2nd birthday) played around in the river, and I looked out at the magnificent view, I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to live in Santa Fe.

If you are considering moving to Santa Fe Real, I highly recommend exploring some of its trails.  They really bring you to the heart of Santa Fe and give you a taste of what it could be like to live here. We are experienced Santa Fe Real Estate brokers, yet still learn new things about this city everyday, each time finding something else to love.  When you're ready to buy a Santa Fe home, give us a call.


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