A big part of what makes Santa Fe, NM a culturally rich and exciting community is its Native American heritage. As the oldest capital city in the United States, there is plenty to discover throughout Santa Fe and the surrounding area. To give those expecting to relocate to Santa Fe an idea of how to go about taking in all that Santa Fe has to offer, I’ve come up with a few different ways a Santa Fe visitor or resident can learn about several aspects of its Native American heritage.

The Santa Fe Indian Market

This year the Santa Fe Indian Market falls on the weekend of August 20th and 21st. As the largest Native American market in the world, we Santa Fe residents are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see artwork from artists representing 100 Native American tribes. Artifacts one can expect to see for sale at the Santa Fe Indian Market include Jewelry, Pottery, Sculpture, Textiles, Paintings, Wooden Carvings (Kachinas), Bead Work, Baskets and Diverse Arts. In addition to the art, visitors can experience authentic Native American food and listen to live music. Proceeding The Santa Fe Indian Market is a week long festival anticipating the Market over the weekend. During this celebration, attendees can experience the film, literature, music, fashion and visual art aspects of Native American culture.

Indian Pueblos

Tesuque Pueblo
For an even more authentic experience, one must travel a few miles out of Santa Fe. There are eight Northern Indian Pueblos which lie in between Santa Fe and Colorado. This pueblo has been in its current location since the 1200s. Visitors can learn about the pueblo from the artists, who are known for their jewelry, painting and sculptures. The Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market is a great stop to purchase items from all over the world. This pueblo is located 10 miles north of Santa Fe off U.S. 84/285.
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Pojoaque Pueblo
Another pueblo not far from Santa Fe and the Tesuque Pueblo is the Pojoaque Pueblo. This pueblo is home to the Poeh Cultural Center and Museum where visitors can view traditional and contemporary cultural exhibits. This pueblo is located 15 miles north of Santa Fe, on U.S. 84/285.
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Indian Museums

Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
If you prefer to stay within the Santa Fe city limits, there are several museums dedicated to preserving the history of Native Americans. Six new exhibits opened at the beginning of 2011 and will remain open until March 31, 2011. For those arriving in Santa Fe after the exhibits are gone, there are still plenty of presentations of Native American culture and history to explore throughout the museum.

Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
A trip to this museum is a great way to be introduced to Native American culture. Here, one can listen to stories and songs that explain the origins of Native Americans in the Southwest, explore the artwork of the Native Americans, and learn about the lifestyles of these people. The museum has a calendar of events designed to give visitors a unique experience each time they visit.

I hope these ideas give you a place to start in your exploration of Santa Fe. This list just grazes the surface of how much cultural diversity there is to discover in Santa Fe. If you are planning to relocate to Santa Fe, I’d be happy to help you get introduced to the city and find a home that fits your lifestyle. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance!


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