For many people, searching for a home has some aspects of fun, adventure and creativity, but it can also be a wearying exercise. More specifically, searching online for homes can be frustrating. Sure, Google will give you ten bazillion search results, but let’s face it, these can be tough to wade through when you’re trying to find the perfect home.

When you’re combing through a mountain of search engine results, it can be hard to be confident in what you see. Is what you’re seeing complete? Is it up-do-date and unbiased? Even when you’ve found a company or website you trust, limited search options can make scrolling through listing after unwanted listing tedious. With Susan Orth’s free Multiple Listing Service (MLS) search engine, finding the perfect abode in New Mexico has never been easier.

Search options include everything from number of bedrooms to the age of the building. You can even be updated about your Santa Fe home search with daily email alerts. It searches the entire MLS for the Santa Fe area and there is absolutely no obligation to use it.

There are few things you can get for free nowadays. The peace of mind that you could have about property listings by using this free service will definitely be a boon to you and yours. You have enough to take on as a home buyer. Why shouldn’t you do everything in your power to make it easier?

You can choose, for example, to limit your search to listings that offer a fireplace if that’s what you want most. Or, you could expand your search to include a particular style of architecture as a search option. How you choose to view the listings on the market, how you want to slice and dice it, is up to you. New listings can be sent to your email daily, so that you never miss a property that meets your criteria. All this and more makes this free MLS search program a no-brainer.

Susan Orth has been a real estate professional for over 25 years. She is dedicated to providing you with an ideal experience when buying or selling a home. Her fellow agent, Isabella Luconi, is also passionate about her work and experienced in the field. There is no doubt that you are in good hands when you are browsing homes at the Santa Fe Home Store.

So give yourself a break and some peace of mind. You’ve earned it.