People usually come to Santa Fe for a special reason, whether they want to visit for a week of spiritual peace and regeneration, or to own a Santa Fe home nestled in the rolling hills of the vibrant city. Whatever the case may be, living in Santa Fe means that you are living in a city swarming with art and culture at every corner. Even the history of Santa Fe shows that the city proved to be of interest to artists from Europe and America who were interested in studying the land's native culture and natural beauty.

This same fact still proves true today. With it's extensive, unique culture and history, it is no surprise that people have been inspired by their Santa Fe experience. It is also no surprise that the importance of art and culture continues to be a vital part of Santa Fe's source of revenue: it is reported that about 39 percent of Santa Fe's economy comes from the city's active promotion of its art and culture. Many Native American and Hispanic artists have learned (and even modernized) the artistic techniques of their ancestors in order to make truly memorable works of art that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

A great example of this is the El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, which is "more like a community center than the conventional museum." This center takes pride in community, the promotion of Hispanic art, the idea of unifying diverse traditions, and the practice of getting young people engaged with the culture of Santa Fe. El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe also hosts music, dance, and acting classes as well as the vibrant Contemporary Hispanic Market.

Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, the Santa Fe Gallery Association represents many dealers, museums, and galleries that are actively involved in Santa Fe's thriving art community. This month's upcoming exhibits include Gordon Micunis: Art Jewelry at the Arroyo Gallery, Mike Mahon: Pastel Autumn at the Art Exchange Gallery, and Jessie Hummingbird - Native American Night Before Christmas at Silver Sun Santa Fe. For more information on these events and more, be sure to visit the Santa Fe Gallery Association's website.

Throughout the year, Santa Fe hosts multiple artistically charged events for the community to enjoy, including the visual, studio, and performing arts. Both visitors and Santa Fe home owners alike enjoy attending the world renowned annual art markets and traveling studio tours. With over 200 galleries and over a dozen cultural and historical museums, there's always a new and exciting exhibit for everyone to enjoy in Santa Fe! If you are looking for a piece of Santa Fe real estate, or if you need a Santa Fe Real Estate Agent to help you become a part of this city's thriving culture, be sure to give me a call!

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