The Santa Fe Trail was a 19th-century transportation route through central North America that connected Independence, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico. It served as a vital commercial highway until the introduction of the railroad to Santa Fe in 1880.

It is still a vital trade, adventure and leisure route today.  Many of the things traded have changed and many have stayed the same.  Still of great desire are things like authentic beautiful Native-American jewelry, gold and most important of all: tequila!

When the Spanish Conquistadors docked their ships in the Gulf of Mexico, they brought with them a still. In Mexico, the natives served the Spanish pulque, which is a fermented agave juice.  It was pretty awful tasting, but they used the still to twice distil the pulque that gave birth to tequila, and tequila gave birth to the Margarita!

Santa Fe is celebrating the Margarita with its first annual Margarita Trail that includes more than 31 restaurants and an almost infinite amount of creative Margaritas.  Naturally, some Margaritas will contain local cuisines like green chiles and prickly pear syrup.  Like any interesting travel, The Margarita Trail will require a passport (that will NOT be strictly enforced), to learn more about the  Margarita Trail passport and Santa Fe Tourism, click here. Another great article from the Denver Post is here.

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