Whether you realize it or not, New Mexico is well respected for its wine and has a deep-rooted history in wine making. While many people associate California as wine country, it is actually New Mexico that is the oldest wine-producing state in the nation. 140 years before California's first vineyards were even planted, Spanish monks smuggled vine cuttings into New Mexico.

By 1804, wine was one of New Mexico's top three exports. Vineyards stretched from Bernalillo to Socorro. Unfortunately, the turn of the century brought repeated flooding to the Rio Grande, destroying vineyards. Prohibition only further drove the fall of New Mexico's wine industry.

1978 was another turning point, but this time in the right direction. Today, New Mexico is home to 42 wineries and tasting rooms and produces 700,000 gallons of wine a year.

Maybe you are just considering Santa Fe Real Estate, or maybe you have lived in New Mexico all your life. Either way, experiencing its wine is like re-visiting its history. The following are a few of Santa Fe's best wine vendors:

Vino Del Corazon Wine Room

235 Don Gaspar Ave, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
At the center of Santa Fe's Historic shopping and Arts District, the Vino Del Corazon tasting room offers a charming and comfortable atmosphere. Try their spicy "Santa Fe Siesta Red" or their soft and fruity "Beso Blush."

La Boca
72 W. Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM 87503
It may be a tapas bar, but it has an extensive wine selection. From Spanish, to Argentinia, Italy, to France - they have wines from all different regions that perfectly pair with their amazing tapas.

Estrella Del Norte Vineyard
106 N Shining Sun, Santa Fe, NM 87506
Located about 20 minutes north of Santa Fe, this small vineyard offers a wide variety of wine that they grow, make and sell. The wine tasting room is set in a European style garden and orchard, completing the tasting experience.

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