Homes for sale in Park Plazas

Park Plazas Residential Community

A city within a city, while not really a new concept, quite often has a unique feel, seamlessly blending some of the host city’s personality with a distinctive charm all its own.

Rome has the Vatican and New York City has Manhattan and Santa Fe has the Park Plazas Community. Well, perhaps it’s a bit unfair to compare the Park Plazas Community to the home of the Pope and Gotham but you cannot buy property in Vatican City and most people can’t afford to live in Manhattan. However, you can and should take a look at the Park Plazas homes for sale!

The Park Plazas Community is just a few short miles north of its host city of Santa Fe, and it is very attractive to many home-seekers. Its distinctive charm is not the only unique feature of the Park Plazas Community. First of all, this planned unit development neighborhood has been a part of the city of Santa Fe since the first free-standing homes and single-family townhomes went up in 1975.

Own More Than Just a Home

Unlike many of the planned communities springing up these days that tend to be built upon barren, treeless and grassless tracts of newly bulldozer-flattened land, Park Plazas’ homes for sale are cozily nestled among mature, majestic trees with lush common areas.  Park Plazas offers vibrant, brilliantly colorful flowers and other naturally beautiful southwestern flora.

When you buy a townhome or single-family home here, you actually become the owner of not just your residence, but also the lot upon which it stands.

You are responsible for the care, repair and upkeep of much of your property, the details of which are detailed in the Park Plazas Community Services Association’s By-Laws and the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

As a happy homeowner, you can step out your front door and stroll down one of your neighborhood’s walking trails or outdoor workout areas, grab your rackets and head over to the tennis courts or take Fido to the off-leash dog area for a little workout of his or her own, and then take your kids to one of the playgrounds.

Details, Niceties & Particulars

Some of the recreational, medical and entertainment venues that are in or near the Park Plazas include Chavez Rec Center, El Gancho Fitness Center, Santa Fe Country Club, Joe's Diner and Urgent Care Santa Fe.

A Little About Santa Fe

Since the Park Plazas homes for sale are in the Santa Fe metropolitan area, here are some highlights of the city.

The Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau calls New Mexico’s capital, “The City Different.” Vacationers and residents would most likely say that this is definitely an apt moniker. Santa Fe is one of those rare metropolitan areas with immediately identifiable, distinguished character.

Santa Fe is a natural product of its southwestern environment. The city is distinctive with its historic adobe architecture and red clay roofs, which have been the defining characteristics of the city’s structures for 400 years.

Even though the population of metro Santa Fe is about 70,000, it does not have the unsightly tall, glass buildings and dreary industrial smoke stacks characteristic of many other similarly sized cities.

It’s no coincidence that the popular outdoor recreation-focused magazine Outside calls Santa Fe home. The area has a 4-season climate highlighted by summers with dry, warm days and cool desert evenings and bright, sunny, temperate winters. It’s no surprise that Santa Fe has become a hub for golfers and skiers alike.

American Indian culture and heritage color many of the offerings at Santa Fe’s nearly 300 art dealers and galleries. As you’re checking out the art, you will no doubt be tantalized by the aromas and availability of mouth-watering, zesty southwestern and New Mexican cuisine emanating from local restaurants including the Blue Corn Café, Los Cuates Restaurant (at the Lodge at Santa Fe) and the Burrito Company, just to name a few.

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