Condos for sale in Dos Santos

Dos Santos Condos of Santa Fe

Dos Santos (which translates to “Two Saints”) is a condominium community located in the southeastern metropolitan area of Santa Fe, just 4 miles from downtown.

The Dos Santos Homeowners Association strives to provide all of the condo’s inhabitants with a community that is friendly, serene and peaceful, and condominium homes that have an aura of stylish sophistication and congenial upscale ambiance built into them.

Condo Living: Amenities

One of the truly exceptional benefits of owning a condominium in the Dos Santos community is access to all of the wide-ranging resident amenities, services and facilities. Some of these include the following:

  • All-season heated outdoor swimming pool filled with saltwater
  • All-season Jacuzzi also filled with saltwater
  • Two plaza-style, open, outdoor gathering places, rimmed with beautiful wooden pillars
  • Five BBQ grills fueled by propane and natural gas
  • Absolutely free Wi-Fi availability when you are hunkered down in the cozy and secure internet lounge
  • A relatively big clubhouse, which can be reserved for a nominal fee
  • An on-site, fully fenced, private and secure dog park

One amenity that sometimes takes a backseat to the fun, spirited and recreational ones listed above is resident safety. You can rest assured, literally, that safety and security are not overlooked by the staff at the Dos Santos condominium community. The whole property is completely fenced in, the pedestrian and vehicle doors and gates are protected with a security access code, the residents’ laundry room and exercise facility are both secured and the grounds are patrolled by professional security personnel from a private firm during the late evening to early morning hours.

Santa Fe

Dos Santos is only four miles from Santa Fe, a city with a distinctive look and feel all its own. It possesses that rare quality that sets it apart from the vast majority of American metropolitan areas. Its southwestern culture, cuisine and architecture harmoniously blend together to give Santa Fe its immediately recognizable, identifiable and unique personality.

Although Santa Fe has a year-round population of approximately 70,000, its skyline is not obscured by the tall glass-and-steel buildings that are common in many other urban centers of its size. Instead, many of the primarily adobe-built structures that you will find in Santa Fe have enjoyed nearly 400 years of the New Mexico sunshine. Many of the newer buildings respect the area’s architectural history by incorporating design elements that harmonize with Santa Fe’s older structures.

American Indian-influenced culture, New Mexico’s magnificent landscape and a nearly perfect climate also play important roles in making Santa Fe the original, one-of-a-kind city that it is.

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