Proven Results

Proven Results

Here are a few City Different Realty customer testimonials...

"I would be remiss not to thank you for what you have done so professionally and quickly in selling our 5-acre property in Santa Fe.  That property had been listed for 10 or 12 years with another broker with not so much as a single offer.  To say we were frustrated was an understatement.  We looked at your marketing approach and liked what we saw. We signed an agreement with you on February 28th just as the weather was starting to improve and the minute it did you hit the ground running.  By March 5th you had the website up and running and already some activity began.  March 17th we received the first offer which we counter offered on March 18 and it was accepted.  To make a long story short, by April 30th I had my money in the bank.  And all of this on a piece of property that was supposed to be “difficult to sell!

"Your marketing approaches, the use of the internet to show and sell properties as well as manage the process of doing so, and the tenacious dedication and hard work you bring to making it happen while personally staying on top of the action are first class.  My only regret is that I didn’t know about you and your capability 10 years ago!  Thanks Susan for a job very well done."

Glen B.

"Because of career moves, my husband and I have moved several times in different parts of the country and have a 30-year experience with Realtors. Susan Orth is clearly one of the best. Many Realtors have their own agenda. Not Susan. She worked with our best interests in mind. She was ready, willing, and able to do what was needed to find and finalize the purchase of our Santa Fe home. We felt confident and secure throughout the whole process and would recommend her to anyone. In addition, she is a really a nice person, the kind you would like as a friend after all the papers are signed and the deal is done. Thanks again Susan for a job well done."

- Susan and Darryl W.

"My husband and I had visited New Mexico several times over the last two years, primarily Santa Fe and Taos. We were immediately struck by the beauty of this special place. We had several conversations about making a move and rather than take a stab in the dark, I called the realtor who had sold me my present home and asked if he knew of a realtor in Santa Fe. He got back to me with Susan Orth’s name. He had chatted with her, felt a connection and we exchanged e-mails, phone numbers, etc. Susan and I talked by email and personally; she set us up to receive new listings via email with our search criteria and the learning experience began. The website she has developed, the newsletter she sends out, and the daily new listings were a very important part of familiarizing ourselves with our desired destination. I feel this made her much more accessible to us since we were so far away.

"During this process, as we saw homes that we liked, we would email questions to her. She responded immediately via email, a method I certainly prefer when a great deal of information is exchanged. During two subsequent visits to Santa Fe, my husband and I worked with Susan alone and together, viewing roughly 15 houses. Our questions got straight answers, we felt great about the connection we were establishing with her. Within 6 months we had sold our home in Napa Valley, moved to a rental in Santa Fe and were ready to look anew. Timing is everything; the first day we spent looking with Susan we found “the one”. At this moment it was very important to me to be able to look at her and say “what do you think we should do”?  Secure in my feelings about the home, I wanted an honest answer from her that I could deal with one way or the other. The home was being shown very actively; we had to move rapidly. And we did. She pursued the process and our offer was accepted! That was just the first step, now we needed her more than ever. Wells, septic, inspections, insurance and more; there wase a myriad of items to take care of. Again, she was a consistent factor. Referrals for reliable inspectors, contractors and the like proved to be invaluable. Ongoing communication via email kept every conversation documented and able to be referred to as necessary. We have felt very solid about all steps of the buying process with Susan as our realtor. She would be my first choice for a partner in buying Real Estate in the Santa Fe Area."

Edelle and Farrell H.

"Susan Orth is simply one of the top professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with throughout my long professional career.  My family and I reside in Seoul, Korea where I am a director in a large organization.  After my wife and I decided not to buy a home in the Monterey Peninsula, we picked Santa Fe sight unseen for our future retirement home.  I called a realtor friend in Nevada City, CA whom we completely trust and asked if he could recommend an excellent realtor in Santa Fe.  Without hesitation, he named Susan Orth as the go-to realtor for the Santa Fe area.  I called her and from that moment she became a matchless, full-service realtor and advisor on all issues associated with finding and purchasing our final retirement home. 

"Susan has many strong attributes, but what stood out for us was her total customer focus and rapid follow-through in every instance.  We never felt any time pressure to buy a particular home, and Susan had endless patience with us as our tastes evolved considerably in buying a Santa Fe style home.  Susan listed attentively and immediately adjusted to our evolving taste in home styles and preferred locale.  Susan put a lot miles on her BMW SUV showing us around, and she made us feel like we were her only customers while we searched for a home in two round-trips flights between Seoul and Santa Fe over a period of months.  Talk about patience! 

"Over this period, many issues and questions arose.  I was amazed at Susan’s immediate follow-up in every single instance.  Susan became a trusted friend; she made our house hunting fun, an absolute pleasure, as it should be.  Equally important, she completely facilitated a smooth purchase process that gave us no stress, in fact, quite the opposite.  Also notable, Susan is a “high-tech,” computer savvy realtor and communicator; this eased considerably the process of receiving and sending all the documents required to purchase a home; she has an excellent webpage, an automatic internet service that informed us daily of homes new on the market (with a picture), and a very helpful internet newsletter that provides home purchase tips to consider when buying a home in Santa Fe.  She is simply superb in making the internet work to your advantage; she also provides multiple means of contacting her, and she rapidly gets back to you--always. 

"All these factors proved invaluable given that we live 8,000 miles away in Korea.  Looking back on our search for our dream retirement home, it was a memorable experience. She has become a good, trusted friend as well. Susan is the “benchmark” for other realtors to aspire." 

-Kevin Yong Sun W.

"I accepted a job in Santa Fe and needed to relocate from out-of-state. I would not likely have identified you as a candidate for being my realtor in the first place if you hadn't established an Internet presence. Also, I chose you because your profile on your home office webpage was professional and to-the-point. In general, the web page was full of good information that I took into consideration regarding housing in the area. I tend to think that reflects the approach that can be expected doing business, and I was right.

"As someone who was completing the real estate transaction from states away - and with an escrow closing time of only two weeks(!), emailing of messages, PDF attachments and necessary forms was essential to conduct business in a timely manner. I knew I would be a demanding client because of all the things that could potentially go wrong if things got slipped, and you kept up marvelously. I really appreciated that. I couldn't have gotten the inspections and follow-up paperwork done within the two-week time frame without your help in this regard. It was essential that inspectors had a working relationship with you in order to expedite the required inspections before closing.

"Both you and the home inspector you recommended paid attention to detail and identified things that had escaped my observation during the couple of times I'd looked at the house. His comments led to a $1000 check from the seller after closure towards fixing the problems identified.

"In addition to your professional knowledge, your knowledge of the area and issues I might encounter as someone just moving into the area was helpful. And I will give your name to family and friends."

- Lisa K. 

"Susan was my realtor this Winter on the sale of my house and the purchase of another. She was always very helpful and knowledgeable. Susan's sense of humor made it easier to get through the bad days of indecision. I would highly recommend Susan Orth."

- Theresa R.

"My experience with Susan Orth was a pleasure. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She listened to my requests and found what I was looking for in a property. She is extremely patient and does not overwhelm you with sales jargon. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to enter the real estate market. I would not hesitate to utilize her skills again in the future."

- Martin O.


"We are from Chicago and needed a trustworthy realtor in the Santa Fe area. A friend of ours gave us Susan's phone number which was very good fortune for us. Susan helped make it possible for us to move to Santa Fe. We ran into some problems with all the moving, paperwork, and communications. Susan was always there to help. I feel she did more than is or should be expected from any realtor. She went out of her way to make everything smooth. If we ever know of anyone looking for a place in the Santa Fe area we will send them right to Susan...Thanks Susan for so much!!!"

- Di and Cee


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