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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the cliche goes. We’ll probably never see complete agreement on the value of artwork like paintings, sculptures, photographs and mosaics, or for the various genres of music, poetry and literature. Art created by us mere mortal humans will always carry a bit of controversy, but then differences in taste art part of what make art stimulating. When it comes to Mother Nature’s original artwork, it’s a different story; nature is universally adored, whether an it’s a mountainside bathed in evening sunlight or litter of newborn kittens.

For all kinds of beauty – natural and man-made – the incomparable city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, holds incredible attractions for residents and visitors, and there is bound to be something to inspire everyone. Santa Fe is famous for its incredible art community and art lovers come from throughout the world to enjoy it. In nature, the awe-inspiring Sangre de Cristo Mountains spring up just beyond the city and create much of Santa Fe’s distinctive aura. The city sits just above 7,000 feet above sea level, a big reason why Santa Fe enjoys an almost ideal climate. Here you’re enveloped by the lush red hues of the landforms while you experience all four seasons and bask in more than 300 days of sunshine on average per year.

Santa Fe’s architecture echoes the natural beauty all around it. Many residents live and work in structures influenced by adobe, stucco and red clay architecture - including condos and homes, businesses, government buildings, restaurants and shops. This architecture so perfectly fits into the beautiful landscape that the state slogan “The Land of Enchantment” applies to both the natural and man-made environments.

Monte Sereno

The homes for sale in Monte Sereno’s residential community certainly reflect Santa Fe’s amazing environment. And, they are ideally located between Santa Fe’s historic and charming Plaza and the Santa Fe Opera House in the city’s desirable, prestigious northwest sector. Here in this unique, relatively new community, you will enjoy incredible views of the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. Without question, homes for sale in Monte Sereno display how the natural and the built environments can work perfectly together.

The homes at Monte Sereno are easy to find and conveniently accessible from Highway 84/285 at the newly refurbished Tesuque exit a little less than four miles northwest of the Plaza. The good folks who manage Monte Sereno are ready, willing and able to assist you even before you might be able to make it out to the neighborhood. 

If you are new to the Santa Fe area or have no idea where to start looking for a contractor, Monte Sereno’s developer, HMB Partners, offers a couple of suggestions from the numerous fine contractors in the area, including:

The creative wizards in charge at HMB Partners put all of their collective experience, know-how and brilliance into the layout of home sites in Monte Sereno. Their plan utilizes Monte Sereno’s four definitive ridgelines to ingeniously offer an enormous selection of unique home sites, with an average lot size of about 1.7 acres.

The homes for sale in Monte Sereno offer an incredible living experience in a very desirable location in Santa Fe. Monte Sereno is a great community for professionals, young families, newlyweds, retirees, singles – in other words, Monte Sereno is a great fit for anyone seeking an exceptional Santa Fe home.


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