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Santa Fe Gated Communities

Santa Fe Gated Communities

Living in Santa Fe

Songs have been sung about the picturesque city of Santa Fe, New Mexico because it’s a city that certainly inspires romance. It’s also a city with a long and amazing history that continues to be a breathtaking place to live. Its cultural life, natural setting and livability are all first-rate. From ranches to single-family homes, gated communities to condominiums, Santa Fe’s real estate offerings are, like the city itself, diverse.

Santa Fe has always been a diverse area. It was first inhabited by Pueblo Indians and was a part of Mexico before it seceded in 1836 and became part of Texas. When the United States signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, New Mexico officially became part of the United States and Santa Fe became its most well-known city.

The arid beauty and color palette of Santa Fe has always drawn the attention of artists and writers. Since the early 1900s, it has been a cultural mecca for those seeking both aesthetics and historical richness. Today, Santa Fe boasts a thriving art community and a diverse culture. Locals take pride in the city’s architecture and the impeccable preservation of the city’s natural and man-made history.

Along with all the usual residence options people usually consider when looking for a place to live, there is also the option of a Santa Fe gated community. When you think of a gated community, the first benefit that pops into your head is bound to be the added safety.  While this alone could make a gated community high on someone’s priority list, there are many more benefits to the Santa Fe gated communities than just added security.


Santa Fe Gated Communities

A greater sense of community comes with living in a gated community. Residents generally know one another better, typically take good care of their properties, and together enjoy the amenities that many such communities may offer, such as pools, tennis, bike trails and other recreational facilities.

Below is a list of Sana Fe gated communities:

  • Bella
  • Alteza
  • Ridge Road (overlook)
  • Las Lagunitas
  • Rancho San Marcos

  • Central
  • Los Miradores
  • Quail Run
  • Wilderness Gate
  • Alameda Hill Compound

  • Northwest
  • Las Campanas
  • La Tierra Nueva
  • Salva Tierra

  • Gated Condominium Developments
  • Los Miradores
  • Quail Run
  • El Matador
  • Zia Vista
  • Tierra de Zia
  • Dos Santos
  • North Hill Compound

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