People usually think of Santa Fe as a mecca of Southwestern art, jewelry, and spiritualism.  But that image is beginning to evolve, thanks to a group of oddball artists and entrepreneurs. 

One of these entrepreneurs has introduced a new cultural destination, called The House of Eternal Return.  It’s a 2-story Victorian built inside a converted old bowling alley owned by Game of thrones author George R.R. Martin.  It was built by art collective Meow Wolf and looks like something out of the 1970’s with its faux wood paneling and afghan covered beds.

What do you do in this house? You go through the various passageways and enter into different worlds, like a forest of neon trees or a spaceship that looks like something out of Star Trek, or a mobile home stuck out in the dessert.

You follow clues in the house to find out the mysterious fate of the family that lived there.  You can simply enjoy the visual elements, or unravel the mystery. It’s become quite the attraction and has brought in 350,000 visitors and $4 million since it opened in March!